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Welcome to our website!  Aquacare has one simple objective, we want everyone to have access to healthy purified water and non-toxic cleaning products.  Aquacare has been serving central Alberta since 1996, we offer full home water purification systems at the most competitive prices out there!  Reliable and effective equipment makes for happier customers and less maintenance, everybody wins including our environment.  Please feel free to me with any questions that are not addressed on this site.


Robert Gorovenko


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Four things to look for in a Water Filtration system.


We install 5 Stage RO's, refiners, softeners, chlorine removal, UV equipment etc., tailored to your personal needs and water usage. We also provide non-chemical cleaning packages that will pay for your water filtration equipment just with the savings from chemical cleaners, soap, shampoo, conditioner etc... read more



Filters, resins and RO membranes are very effective when they are properly tuned to your raw water specs and household needs... read more



By selecting the right match of equipment to water criterion and demand the optimum reliability is also achieved.  When all factors are considered, the equipment is "engineered" to YOUR water, producing ideal on demand cycles... read more



Efficient regeneration cycles means low water and salt consumption, thus lower operating costs.  Refiners, softeners and RO's need water to regenerate, based on your water and usage we upgrade the equipment to maximize performance, and you see the results yourself... read more



Every taxpayer pays the cost of pumping, filtering and chlorinating our water supply, the more we conserve the better it is for everyone.  Efficient systems use less water and salt and require much less attention, you can also cash in on big savings by NOT using chemicals... read more


If you purchase bottled water you've already discovered various products vary in taste.  If you think taste is an indication of quality you're right!  Filtration is the ultimate factor when it comes to water quality, but did you know that there are only "guidelines" for bottle water, NO REGULATIONS!  So please test the water you are drinking and don't be too shocked if you discover it's not much better than your raw tap water.  Every system we install is tuned to your raw water to ensure 100% satisfaction, and unlike bottled water your system isn't making hundreds of thousands of gallons each week, only what you need when you need it.  Cost, effectiveness, reliability and efficiency is balanced to your immediate requirements.  Our packages are tailor made for each region of central Alberta, you will see and taste the difference for yourself and also save $$$ by making your own purified water right at home.


Health Canada recommends that household water be put to the test at least once a year.  Most realize that if they want to stay healthy, they need pure water, regardless of age.  You wouldn't take water off the floor to drink it, would you?  Why drink water after it has run through pastures, human and animal waste, herbicides, pesticides, industrial pollution, and then drink it?  Less than 1% of water is used for human consumption.  Even adding chlorine, or chloramine isn't protecting us from all contaminates in our water supply.  Yes chlorine is meant to kill harmful living organisms and it does, but unfortunately it kills ALL living organisms the "bigger ones," just take longer!


"You either have a filter, or YOU are a filter"

Dr. Lea Leslie, Ph D. R.N.C. P.H.T.


Water by its nature is not pure, it's a solvent, therefore it picks up a bit of everything it touches.  To drink unpurified water is a gamble.  The quality of our water is effected by variables which are subject to change therefore monitoring drinking water is very important.  We test Ph levels, hardness, iron, iron bacteria, nitrates, chlorine levels, chlorine absorption, and conduct chemical tests.  The tests are accurate to very small percentages, but water also changes so we check water quality once a year, as recommended.


Water analysis is the only way to determine the kind of equipment that is necessary for your home.  A test takes 45 minutes. We provide free tests that are convenient for your schedule, if you are on city water, you are welcome to mail us a sample and we'll test it in our lab and provide you with the results.  If we come to your home, you will see the test and results for yourself.  The majority of tests are completed at your kitchen sink.  Certain components of the analysis require a sample to be left in the analyzer for 30 minutes.


These tests are provided to residents of Central Alberta only.  We book tests in conjunction with other bookings in your area.  If you have filtration equipment (5 years or older) it may require maintenance, upon your request we will test your equipment to ensure proper function and test both the raw and purified water.  Not only will you be assured of great tasting water, but purified water will also save you money on the cost of cosmetics and cleaning products, not to mention the health benefits


Book a test today, you'll be glad you did!


Did you know...


An average adult body is 65% water, that's roughly 45 quarts.  Men are more watery than women. A man's body is 60 to 65 percent water, compared to 50 to 60 percent for a woman. In infants, the figure is a whopping 70 percent according to statistics compiled by the International Bottled Water Association.

``That's mostly for cushioning,'' says Felicia Busch, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and specialist on the nutritional effects of water. ``Because of the birth process, they need a lot of cushioning.''


Water content differs throughout the body. Blood is made up of 83 percent water, bones are 22 percent water, and muscle is 75 percent water. Water typically comprises 60 to 70% of the total weight of normal ligaments.  Healthy skin contains about 70% water.  The Brain is 78% water.  Men have more water in their bodies because they generally have more muscle mass than women, says Busch. There is no water in fat, she says, and women generally have a higher percentage of body fat than men.






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