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I believe that quality water filtration systems should be effective, reliable, efficient and affordable for everyone.  I've researched over a hundred filtration equipment suppliers with these four basic criterion, before putting together our systems.


I provide free water analysis to Albertans who are looking for high quality drinking water and complete home systems. If you prefer to send me a water sample I'll analyze it and give you the results, or I'll do the analysis right in your home so you can see the results yourself.


I've been a Certified Water Technician for well over a decade, as well as a Water Tech trainer and qualified installer.  As an independent Water Technician my goal is to provide you with the most suitable equipment for yourself and your family.  Call now, I look forward to hearing from you.


Robert Gorovenko

403 506 4260


Baruch Gorovenko is Aquacare's operations manager.  Before joining Aquacare Baruch was the founder and CEO of Rapha Laboratories in Surrey BC, Canada.  Baruch has over a decade of experience in research and development of natural health products including various forms of structured water and Colloidal Silver products.


David Chaikin is Aquacare's Biochemical Engineering Research & Technical Consultant.  Prior to joining Aquacare David worked with Permutit-Boby, London UK as a water treatment Engineer. Process Engineer Unilever Research, London UK Process Development/Optimization Manager Bulmers Cider, London UK Water Treatment Researcher at Ben-Gurion University, Beersheva Israel.  David has developed and invented proven hi tech water treatment and ultra filtration processes to remove bacteria, viruses and particles.  David holds a BSc Physiology, MSc Biochemical Engineering.



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