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Efficient Filtration Equipment


Water softeners use water and salt to regenerate, some softeners are over three times more efficient than others.  Salt is heavy, and it costs money.  Efficient filtration equipment is a combination of capacity and design technology.  In some cases it is possible to achieve much higher levels of efficiency by using larger capacity equipment that permits longer regeneration cycles.  A bypass valve also allows the homeowner to use raw (unfiltered) water for outside.  An efficient system must be tailored to each application, based on normal water usage, if there are some weeks with higher or lower consumption the program will factor this in and adjust regeneration accordingly. 

     Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems can also be tuned for high efficiency service, without compromising on the efficiency of the membrane.  When the combination of water softener and RO are tuned properly your system will provide decades of trouble free and efficient filtration, that will pay for itself environmentally and economically.

     But while on the subject of efficiency you also might want to consider that once you have demineralized and purified water in your home, there is no need to buy conventional cleaning products.  The bulk ingredients in cleaning products are filler and chemicals to soften the water.  NOW, you can access huge advantages for efficiency.  We will show you how how to save THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on cleaning products, by getting the purest and most effective non-chemical products available, for a fraction of the cost that you would normally pay.  You have access to pure and natural soap, shampoos, dishwashing and laundry soaps and concentrated cleaners that work better and last longer than anything else, because your water is performing what it was created to do.


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Filtration Equipment


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