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Water: A Health Drink

A well known health advocate, Udo Erasmus stated, "By the year 2000, no one will drink tap water.  But toxic substances in shower and bath water raise even more health concerns than drinking water.  More and more, each of us must take responsibility for the quality of our water."  GOOD HEALTH is dependent upon the water we use each day in our homes, our immune systems are being strengthened or compromised depending on the quality of our water.  Those who have installed high quality water filtrations in their homes know the benefits of drinking purified water and using it everyday for showers, bathing etc.  People suffering from asthma have found immediate relief, others who suffered with skin disorders (psoriasis) noticed rapid restoration, arthritis and high blood pressure were also also reversed when using purified water.  Those who have installed high quality filtration systems will never ever go back to drinking water that is not purified, or using unrefined water on their skin or in their homes.

     It is impossible to quantify each health benefit that people receive from refined water right in their homes, but let's face it, there really is no other option.  Although some protect the idea that chlorine, ammonias or other toxic chemicals are not harmful, claim that is the lesser of the two evils, the fact is we have the means now to have purified water in our homes.  Both Federal and local government have published warnings regarding water quality, but the government can't do it for us.  As individuals we must take the responsibility for the quality of our own household water.

     More and more people are drinking bottled water, but let's not forget about our skin, the largest organ in our bodies.  Skin must be nourished and cleansed with purified water otherwise or it is being compromised.  Let's not remember that when we take a bath or a shower and heat water that contains chlorine or chloramine that we are subjecting our lungs and our bodies to toxic gases.  No one knows the extent of the damage this causes, some suggest it is safe, others know that it is has devastating effects on lungs and health.

     Consider how important water is for health, and make the necessary steps to protect your health.  We need our health to enjoy people and the things we have.  Our bodies are 70% WATER, therefore the vital need for water is very far reaching.  It is important that we do not neglect water quality, if you have any questions about the quality of your water, we are glad to arrange for a certified water technician to provide analysis and recommendations.  You will be glad you did.


       Facts about Bottled Water:

  • Inconsistent Quality

  • Often not used for cooking (never used for showers or baths)

  • Questionable sources

  • Awkward to carry bottles

  • Inconvenient to buy and store

  • Uncertain freshness

  • Disposable containers add to environmental wastes and hazards

  • Expensive - many times more costly than high quality purified water made right at home

  • No regulations regarding bottled water quality, only guidelines which are not legally enforceable.

       Benefits of having Purification Equipment in the Home:

  • Consistent High Quality

  • Purity is guaranteed, gallon after gallon, year after year (inspection/maintenance once a year)

  • Convenient, no lugging water bottles

  • Clean water at your finger tips

  • Fill your own nalgene bottles when going out and save your money

  • Easier to instantly fill ice cube trays

  • Hook up purified water to hot water dispenser, water/ice making fridge, cooler or humidifier.

  • Production is always available, never run out

  • Great tasting delicious water, and coffee, teas and all home made beverages taste better.

  • Environmentally friendly, no throwaway containers

  • Savings on water

  • Savings on soaps, shampoos, cosmetics and all household cleaners.

  • Less work cleaning the shower, bath and everything you use water to clean with

  • One of the very best investments there is for long term health

     If you already purchase bottled water, you will very much appreciate the benefits of having your own purified water for all your household needs!



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