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Affordable Water

We work to ensure purified household and drinking water

is affordable for everyone's budget.


Effective Filtration

Filtration equipment is tailored to meet your personal objectives,

without the hype.


Reliable Filtration

"Service oriented" should mean "customer service oriented,"

rather than "equipment service" oriented...


Efficient Filtration

Lower water and salt consumption regeneration demands,

 means lower operation costs, and environmental benefits for everyone.



Local government says it's good for you, we beg to differ.

Read about chloramination of Blackfalds, Lacombe, Ponoka, Lacombe County & Ponoka County and potentially to Sylvan Lake, Alberta water supplies. 



Learn the toxic effects of Chloramine from Californians

they've done some homework.



Governments know that chlorine has been linked to cancer and other disease,

is it really worth risking our health with a chemical that was used in warfare?



Some suggest that contamined water from feedlots makes for good drinking water,

we beg to differ, read this article for an Albertan perspective.


Free Test

Fill in the form for a free water test in your own home.


Great Lakes

The worlds largest supply of drinking water has been contaminated because of successive Canadian and US governments turning a blind eye, or worse.



Some think that a little hard water is good for you,

it's an urban lie rooted in de-nile.


Hard Water Costs

Hard water is not cheap, learn how an average family of four is

squandering their money by using hard water.



For some organics is what you buy at the Health store,

for others it's toxic chemicals in water, learn here about it here.


Skin Care

The most vital element of skin care is moisturizing and cleansing the skin,

this is what cosmetics try do to for us, but what if?


Toxic Chemicals

7,000 new chemicals are introduced each month,

find out how they effect our water supply.


Toxic Soup

Children are 5 to 7 times more exposed to chemicals than adults,

in regions around Canada this is causing devastating effects.


Troubled Waters In Canada

A timeline on troubled waters since 1950.


Water Crisis

Canadian Scientist warns that Canada will not fare well in the days ahead with the one two punch of global warming and toxins in our water.



Water quality in Alberta.


Cleaning Products Soaps, Shampoos Household Cleaners

Fifty percent of most household cleaning products is softener, thirty percent is buffers and fillers, ten percent is soap, seven percent is corrosion inhibitors, one percent is whiteners and what was that other one percent, again?



How long can your body survive without water, better yet,

how long can it survive with the water you are drinking?



News for Albertans regarding their drinking water.



Various articles and links for your reading pleasure.



Made in Canada

Filtration Equipment


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