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Personal Experiences


Kathy, Penhold, Alberta

All my life I've suffered with eczema, and was using all sorts of lotions and creams.  But after we had our water analyzed and saw the amount of chlorine, and saw the chemical test, we knew we had to fix our water.  My husband looks five years younger now, he is healthier and has more energy.  I have less arthritic pains, and we are drinking a lot more water as a result of having our own pure water on tap... read more


Joane, Sylvan Lake, Alberta

It's been two years since I had the water filtration system installed, I used to have swelling in my hands for years, but, it's no longer a problem.  After showers I don't have the itchiness I had before... read more


Doug & Tammy, Red Deer, Alberta

We've had our water filtration system since May 2005... After a couple months my eczema cleared up and it hasn't returned... was money well spent, especially with the improvements to our skin... read more


Erica, Leslieville, Alberta

Since we installed our filtration system, I have had no arthritis flare ups.  I now drink a lot of water and have lost 50 lbs.  Our children are 3 and 4 years old, both had asthma, both rarely use their inhalers now since we installed our water filter system.  We've had a great experience with both the water tech and installer, they've been very helpful, our whole experience has been very beneficial... read more


Wayne & Marie, Innisfail, Alberta

We don't use rubber gloves any more for cleaning, our skin is not chapped anymore and hair is softer.  There are no stains on the surface of the tub, taps, toilets etc, so they are not being destroyed like they were before.  We encourage everybody to have their water tested and look at putting in a system for their health and home... read more


Val, Red Deer, Alberta

I used to drink 16 glasses of water a day, and still be thirsty.  After we installed the system I drink 6-8 glasses a day and feel better hydrated.  The four of us have better immune systems, we've noticed that our children have a resistance to sickness that other children don't have in our neighborhood.  We visit the doctor much less now... read more


Ron & Denise, Sylvan Lake, Alberta

The payback for us is that we won't likely be spending mega money on health issues or prescriptions later on.  The greatest benefit is knowing that you are not dealing with chlorine and not having to scrub mineral deposits off of everything... read more


Cory, Red Deer, Alberta

We did the test and discovered the old system wasn't doing anything, I was spending 60 dollars a month on bottled water for my staff so the system is more than paying for itself now.  Thanks.... read more


Harold, Lacombe, Alberta

I was having stomach problems and diarrhea regularly before I began to use the purified water.  I have noticed a remarkable difference since using pure water.  My blood pressure is back to normal and no more diarrhea.  Over the past 2 years since the filtration equipment was installed I have reduced my medication.  The cost of medication and the health benefits I have received have made the equipment very worthwhile  ...read more


Susan, Red Deer, Alberta

I used to have dry and itchy skin after taking a bath, but not just me, I have 5 grown children and grandbabies.  They like coming to my home to shower and bath because their skin and hair feels so much softer and healthier. ...read more



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