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of what you get in a box of laundry detergent is chemical softeners and fillers.  Imagine how much money you would save, if it were only

pure soap?





hard water

hard water cost




toxic soup

water crisis


Pure & Gentle

Cleaning Products




Complete Home Packages

Starting at $995.001


(October 2007 while quantities last)


The NEXT TWELVE CUSTOMERS who have a complete home water filtration system installed will receive a free BONUS (see below):


Water Refiner/Conditioner

Chlorine Free Shower & Bath

Digital Hi-Flow Softener

On Demand w/programmable override

Efficient Low Salt/Water requirements

Dual Purpose Iron & Chlorine Removal1

Low Power Consumption

Memory Backup (NOVRAM 99 years)

Sight Glass for instant troubleshooting



Reverse Osmosis

For high quality drinking water

Medical Grade 5 Stage RO (tax deduction potential)

1) Sediment  2) Carbon  3) Membrane

4) Silver Ceramic  5) Carbon Polisher

(with storage tank)



Pure & Gentle TWO YEAR SUPPLY2:  

Natural Home & Personal Care Products

(for conditioned water only)

         6 Gallons All-Natural Concentrated Laundry detergent,

         does 128-160 loads per gallon

         1 Gallon Natural Concentrated Auto Dish Soap -767 loads

         1 Gallon Natural Concentrated Dish & Hand Soap  -767 loads

         1 Gallon Natural Salon Style Hair Shampoo

         1 Gallon All Natural Hair Conditioner

         1 Gallon Moisturizing Body Wash

         1 Gallon Concentrated Disinfectant Cleaner makes 28 gallons

         1 Gallon Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner makes 28 gallons

         8 Glycerin Facial Bars

         24 French Milled Body Bars

                           Includes all dispensers, pumps, sprayers.




(first come first served basis)






Robert Gorovenko

403 506 4260


Pure & Gentle Natural Soap 2 YEAR package

replaces conventional cleaners with

a potential savings of $3,645.48!2

Carbon Free Certified Products

Non Chemical NO Fillers NO Binders

NO Phosphates  NO Sodium Laurel Sulfate

NO Dyes  NO Nitrates

1Not all locations in Central Alberta require a refiner/conditioner.  Raw water quality and water consumption determines the type and size of equipment needed to effectively do the job.

Installed by licensed, bonded, insured professional water technicians.

2Based on consumption of an average family of four.


Did you know...


An average adult body is 65 percent water, that's roughly 45 quarts.  Men are more watery than women. A man's body is 60 to 65 percent water, compared to 50 to 60 percent for a woman. In infants, the figure is a whopping 70 percent according to statistics compiled by the International Bottled Water Association.

``That's mostly for cushioning,'' says Felicia Busch, a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association and specialist on the nutritional effects of water. ``Because of the birth process, they need a lot of cushioning.''


Water content differs throughout the body. Blood is made up of 83 percent water, bones are 22 percent water, and muscle is 75 percent water. Water typically comprises 60 to 70% of the total weight of normal ligaments.  Healthy skin contains about 70% water.  The Brain is 78% water.  Men have more water in their bodies because they generally have more muscle mass than women, says Busch. There is no water in fat, she says, and women generally have a higher percentage of body fat than men.




Made in Canada

Filtration Equipment


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